Newsletters from Middelkerke 2020 to 2022

Our lovely friends in Middelkerke have been keeping us informed of activities going on in Middelkerke over the past year or so.  These newsletters give us a great insight into what goes on in their town and may interest some of you enough to visit Middelkerke for yourself, one day.  It certainly seems to be a vibrant, lively town with lots going on.  I hope you like what you see.  I’ll keep adding these newsletters to this website when they come in so that it keeps everyone informed and up to date.

2022 has ended well for Middelkerke

2022-03-4 Really a lot to do!

2021-03 A breath of fresh air in Middelkerke!

2022-01-4 Middelkerke looks ahead!

2022-02 What will 2022 bring

2020 Feb – What’s on in Middelkerke!